by: Michael de Guzman


I’m a 10 year Banker, a happy husband, a father and a Photographer.

Why I take photographs?

– I started taking Photographs last April 2012. Photography makes me happy. I love art, and I saw it in this field.

At start, its not easy, and using a DSLR is very complicated for a guy like me who is new to photography. But I never gave up, I study and attend 1 workshop from a Professional Nikon Photographer in the philippines. Afterwards, I study very hard with all my heart.

But I can say that, I’m not that good yet compared to others. Photography has a very stiff competition. But of course, I dream that someday my photos will be recognized by others.

Which type of photography I like most?

– At first, I got in love with Landscape, then Portraits, and then Street.. But I never get the type of photography until I knew “Documentary Photography”.

Yes, I’m a Documentary Photographer.. I love to snap pictures with story behind it. I can never imagine the endless ideas on this field.

This year 2013, I will start to build my own portfolio.


One response

  1. Gerdalyn

    All said. Thats very much you. Keep it up hani!!!

    April 28, 2012 at 1:53 AM

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